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Our History

The United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA) was established 1 July 1984 under the jurisdiction of the Commanding General (CG), US Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) ("the Command"), pursuant to General Orders No. 13-1, Headquarters, Department of the Army, dated 8 June 1984. The organization was designated from "Agency" to "Activity" by Permanent Orders 26-2, dated 2 October 1984, Office of the Surgeon General, effective 1 October 1984. The procurement and contracting functions of USAMRDC, US Army Medical Materiel Agency, and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research were consolidated in 1977 to form a single contracting group within Headquarters (HQ), USAMRDC. The Commander, USAMRDC, was designated as the HCA, and in 1984, USAMRAA was established as a separate subordinate command element with a direct line of contracting authority from the HCA through the Commander, USAMRAA, to the Contracting Officers (KOs) in accordance with Department of Army policy. The Command Judge Advocate's Office within USAMRDC provided Legal support for the contracting function. In 1993, USAMRAA converted to civilian leadership with the establishment of a civilian Director. In 1994, the USAMRDC was renamed the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC). The HCA designation remained at the USAMRMC level. In October 1994, the responsibilities of the PARC were assigned as a collateral duty to the Director, USAMRAA. The PARC is not an element of the USAMRAA; it is a special staff office of the USAMRMC whose duties are also set forth in the USAMRMC 10-1. In 2015, the assignment of HCA moved from USAMRMC to MEDCOM. In January 2019, the assignment of HCA moved from MEDCOM to the DASA(P). The US Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology officially changed the term PARC to Senior Contracting Official (SCO) in February 2019. In October 2018, the Secretary of the Army assigned USAMRMC and its logistics commands to Army Materiel Command. In June 2019, USAMRMC was renamed back to USAMRDC and assigned USAMRDC and its labs and activities, including USAMRAA to the Army Futures Command (AFC).


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