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Grants Overview

Grants, Cooperative Agreements and Other Transaction Agreements for Research

USAMRAA is the acquisition activity for the USAMRDC. In response to applications submitted under Funding Opportunity Announcements posted by our activity to www.GRANTS.GOV that are recommended to receive funding, the Grants Division at USAMRAA obligates funds appropriated for USAMRDC, its Subordinate Commands and the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) for research and development and provides administration for the resulting awards. Grants, cooperative agreements, and other transaction agreements for research our activity awards are generally multi-year awards using multi-year funding, which means that any funds remaining from one year may be carried over to the next performance year.


Assistance Mechanism used when there is no demonstrated need for substantial agency involvement beyond normal oversight and monitoring activities

Cooperative Agreement

Assistance Mechanism used when there is substantial agency involvement beyond normal oversight and monitoring activities

Other Transaction Agreement for Research

Assistance mechanism used for flexible business arrangements and structured agreements to advance research and development activities​​


Some of the primary programs for which our office obligates Research and Development (R&D) funding are under USAMRDC Medical R&D Programs – for more detailed information than the summarized content below, visit USAMRDC's Medical R&D webpage.

Military Infectious Diseases Research Program
(MIDRP – focus areas such as medical readiness, vaccines, biotechnology, prophylaxis/treatment drugs, diagnostics/prognostics, vector control, and HIV countermeasures)

Combat Casualty Care Research Program
(CCCRP – focus areas such as damage control resuscitation, traumatic brain injury, combat trauma therapies, health monitoring and diagnostic technology, and combat dentistry)

Military Operational Medicine Research Program
(MOMRP – focus areas such as injury prevention and reduction, psychological health and resilience, physiological health, environmental health and protection)             
Medical Chemical Biological Defense Research Program
(CBDP - focus areas such as therapeutics, diagnostics, and basic research)                        

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs
(CDMRP –this office manages Congressional Special Interest Medical Research Programs. Research Programs include, but are not limited to, breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, epilepsy, Gulf War Illness, military burn, spinal cord injury, tick-borne disease, autism, alcohol and substance abuse disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, bone marrow failure, orthotics and prosthetics outcomes, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and multiple sclerosis.). For additional information, visit CDMRP.

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
(WRAIR – focus areas such as HIV and malaria)


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